3x3 Sudoku Solver

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About The Sudoku Solver (3x3) Tool

This Sudoku Solver is a free online tool and is made to help you to solve any kind of 3x3 sudoku puzzle even if you are a beginner in that. and also this tool will help people who need to learn how to solve any sudoku puzzle. For example, you can play in it for a long time without having any problem with it to challenge yourself and learn how to solve any sudoku.

How To use Our Sudoku solver (3x3) Tool

Using this solver tool to solve your sudoku it's very easy and simple, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Bring the sudoku that you want to solve and put each number in its place on the table.
  • After you put all the numbers in their place then click the solver button below the table to see the solution, this tool will use algorithms to calculate the solution for the puzzle fast and give you the right answer.

How to solve 3x3 Sudoku?

Solving a 3x3 Sudoku puzzle is relatively simple compared to larger Sudoku grids like 9x9. Here are the steps to solve a 3x3 Sudoku puzzle:

Understand the Rules:

  • In a 3x3 Sudoku, you have a 3x3 grid.
  • Each row, column, and 3x3 box must contain the numbers 1 through 3 exactly once.

Start with Given Numbers:

  1. Begin by looking for any numbers that are already given in the puzzle. These are usually filled in when you start a Sudoku puzzle.
  2. Fill in the given numbers in their respective rows and columns.

Use Logic:

  • In a 3x3 Sudoku, there are relatively few cells to fill, and you can often complete the puzzle using simple logic.
  • Look for rows, columns, or boxes where only one number is missing. Place that number in the empty cell.

Check Rows, Columns, and Boxes:

  • Make sure that no row, column, or 3x3 box has the same number repeated.
  • If you find a conflict (a number is already in a row, column, or box), backtrack and correct it.

Iterate and Repeat:

  1. Continue filling in numbers based on logic, checking for conflicts, and making corrections as needed.
  2. If you get stuck, try different numbers and backtrack if necessary.

Complete the Puzzle:

Keep solving cells one by one until the entire grid is filled with numbers, and all rows, columns, and 3x3 boxes follow the rules.

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